Driving and medicaments

Von Alex Maier. Update 17/12/2012

Every driver knows, that alcohol is forbidden for road safety. Not much known is the negative effect of many medicament on driving.

Problematic are all medicament based on Morphine or Opioid. Codeine, a morphine derivative, is among other things, contained in many cough syrup, as it has an anti-tussive, e.g. alleviate an aggravating cough. In case of an control this might lead to a positive result for drug use. In such a case there need to be taken a blood sample, to prove the use of an medicament. Also it is noteworthy, that already small amounts of alcohol can lead to strong sleepiness.

This is especially true for barbiturates and any kind of sleeping drug (Hypnotika). In such cases one should not drive.

Also OTC medicaments, like for example anti-histaminika against hay fever, can have such a strong sedating effect, so that there is a risk for road safety.

Therefor it is recommend to ask your doctor or pharmacist when using new medicaments. In the case of an accident you might loose your insurance cover. And it might loose your driving license or even civil penalties.

Source: Der Westen, 07.12.12.

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