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Von Alex Maier. Update 13/01/2014

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Online shops are very popular, but with several thousand webpages all over the world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the few good ones from the crooks.

With our help you will only buy at reviewed shops, which offer only 100% effective products.

The site is sorted by products, so that you can easily find the prices and the offers you are looking for.

Always the current news about effects, side-effects and the use.

We always adhere to our corporate slogan:

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This was originally a German health review site and we are currently working hard to build up the English section. Please be patient, as it will take some time to translate our content and – where necessary – add shops aimed at US/AU/NZ/UK customers. Of course please feel free to contact us or leave us a comment and we will try to help you directly. Thanks!

Why GlobalApo.com?

  • The most honest and largest health review site
  • More than 400 products in several categories
  • Only reliable shops with 100% effective products
  • We have personally reviewed every shop
  • Sorted by products for a quick search
  • More Information and Use
  • All products can be orderd easy online
  • Always the cheapest offers

Overview about our categories:

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General Meds.
Weight Reduction

Plant Extracts

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